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West Bengal Minimum Wages for Security Services from 01.012018 to 30.06.2018


Minimum Wages of employment of Security Services for the period 01.01.2018 to 30.06.2018

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Government of West Bengal, Office of the Labour Commissioner issued circular vide No. 02/Stat/2RW/76/266/2000/LCS/JLC dated: 03.01.2018 regarding The following shall be the minimum rates of wages in the employment of Security Services in the state of West Bengal as per notification number 457-MW/2W-14-2010 Dated 22.09.2011. These rates are effective for the period from 01st January 2018 to 30 th June 2018. and details as follows.

Sl No Category of Employees Minimum Rates of Wages Payable
Zone – A Zone – B
1 Skilled 9270.00 8375.00
2 Semi Skilled 8427.00 7613.00
3 Unskilled 7661.00 6922.00

The classification of employees is as follows:-

Unskilled Workers: Security Guard, Watchman, Darwan;

Semi-Skilled Workers: Unskilled Supervisor;

Skilled Workers: Guard with Fire Arms, Gunman, Field Supervisor, Marketing Personnel, Clerk,Accountant, Cashier.

Implementing areas:

Zone ‘A’=(i) Areas Notified under Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority(KMDA),(ii) Asansol Municipal Corporation, (iii) Durgapur Municipal Corporation, (iv) SiliguriMunicipal Corporation, (v) Digha-Shankarpur Development Authority, (vi) Thermal Powerplant areas including Township areas, (vii) All the Municipal areas in different Districts, (viii)All the Sub-Divisions in the districts of Howrah, Hoogly, Burdwan and 24- Parganas(N)[excluding Barasat and Basirhat], (ix) Alipur Sub-Division and Baruipur Sub-Division in the district of 24-Parganas(S), (x) MidnaporeSadar Sub-Division and Kharagpur Sub-Division in the district of West Midnapore, (xi) Siliguri sub-division in the district of Darjeeling,(xii)Bankura Sub-Division and Bishnupur Sub-division in the district of Bankura, and (xiii)Raghunathpur Sub-Division in the district of Purulia;Zone B=Rest of West Bengal.

 (a) To arrive at daily rates, monthly rates will have to be divided by 26 and to arrive at weekly rates, daily rates will have to be multiplied by 6;

(b) A normal working day shall consist of eight and half hours of work including interval for half-an hour for rest;

(c) One day in any period of seven days as may suit the local convenience shall be the day of weekly rest;

(d) The minimum rates of wages include the wages for weekly day of rest. Payment for work done on the day of weekly rest and for work done beyond the normal working hours shall be double the ordinary rate of wages;

(e) Where the existing rates of wages of any employee based on contract or agreement or otherwise are higher than the rates notified herein, the higher rates shall be protected and treated as minimum rates of wages applicable for the purpose of this notification to such employees;

(f) The minimum rates of wages are applicable to employees employed by contractors also;

(g) The minimum rates of wages for disabled persons shall be same as payable to the workers of appropriate category;

(h) The men and women employees shall get the same rates of wages for the same work or work of similar nature;

(i) The minimum rates of wages and Variable Dearness Allowance, if any, both constitute the minimumrates of wages and shall be enforceable under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 (11 of 1948)

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Source: Government of West Bengal, Office of the Labour Commissioner

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