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Tripura Minimum Wages from April 2018


Tripura Minimum Wages from April 2018 for Shops and Establishments

Tripura Minimum Wages from April 2018 for Shops and Establishments

Government of Tripura,Labour Department issued Notification vide No.F.87 (30)-Lab/ENF/MW/Shops/2002(A)/2752-69 Agartala, the 29th March, 2018 and details

In continuation of this Department’s Notification No.F.87(30)-LAB/ENF/MW/SHOPS/ 2002(A)/13828-52 dated 11th October, 2017 and in furtherance of the aforesaid Notification, the State Government hereby revises the Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) on the basis of 6-monthly average Consumer Price Index Numbers for the period of six months commencing from 01-07-2017 and ending on 31-12-2017 over the previous 6-monthly average viz 4604 over 4515.17 average Consumer Price Index for different categories of workers engaged in the employment of ” Shops and Establishments ” in Tripura as under and directs that the Variable Dearness Allowance shall be payable with effect from 01¬04-2018 by the employers to the workers/employees employed in the aforesaid employment as per the following schedule :

Tripura Minimum Wages with effect from 01.04.2018
Average Increase of CPI Category of Workers Minimum Basic Wages per Month Previous VDA Present VDA Total Minimum Wages per Month
88.83 Skilled 6607 196.13 129.98 6933
Semi Skilled 5908 175.38 116.23 6200
Unskilled 5385 159.86 105.94 5651

N.B. a) The fifty paisa or above rounded off to the next rupee.

b)To arrive at daily rates of wages the monthly rate shall be divided by 26 and rounded off to the next rupee.

c)The overtime rate shall be the double of the ordinary rate of minimum wages.

The Main Objective of Minimum Wages is to provide for fixing the minimum rates of wages in certain employments.

It provides for fixing minimum wages in certain employments where labour is ignorant or less organised and is vulnerable to exploitation.

The Act provides for the fixation of a minimum time rate, a minimum piece rate, a guaranteed time rate, an overtime rate appropriate to different occupations and different classes of workers.

To download detail notification click below

Tripura-Minimum-wages-from-01.04.2018.pdf (50 downloads)

Source: Government of Tripura

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