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Sanction of Fund to Pensioners Portal Project to Pune/Jalandhar


Release of Grant-in Aid to Defence Pensioners Association Pune and All India Ex.Para Military Force Jalandhar

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DPPW issued Circular F. No. 55/23/2017P&PW(C)(ii) dated 11th January 2018 regarding Web-based ‘Pensioners’ Portal’ Project – Release of Grant-in Aid to Pensioners’ Associations for implementation of the objectives of the Portal and details as follows.

1.DPPW is directed to convey the sanction of the President of India to the release of a sum of Rs.1,07,000/- (Rupees One Lakh seven thousand only) towards Grant-in-Aid in favour of the following 1 Pensioners Association on their having been registered under NITI Aayog DARPAN and having been linked with PA&O under PFMS, for meeting expenditure in connection with the implementation of ‘Pensioners’ Portal’, as per the details given below:

  • Defence Accounts Pensioners Association,Pune – Grant Rs.75,000/-
  • All India Ex.Para Military Force Personnel, Jalandhar – Grant Rs.75,000/-
  1. Utilization Certificates in respect of earlier grants sanctioned to above Pensioner Association are enclosed.
  2. Details of Recurring Grant for admissible Activities: The maximum permissible amount on the individual component eligible for sanction/reimbursement in the form of Grant-in-Aid is as follows with flexibility of 25% on higher/lower side of individual component:

        (i) Telephone + Internet Connection (ii) Stationery+ Battery replacement (iii) Subsidy towards Rent of                          Building/ Water/electricity/AMC of equipment (iv) Remuneration Payable to Data entry (Part time)

     5.Any other expenditure by the Pensioners’ Association on any activity/component other than those mentioned        above will not admissible from the Grant-in-Aid and will be treated as an unspent amount, to be recoverable or          adjusted from the future grant as the case may.

Source: DPPW

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