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Punjab Minimum Wages with effect from 01.09.2017


The Minimum Wages of Punjab is revised with effect from 01.09.2017 for various categories of workers

The Punjab government Labour Commissioner revised the Minimum Wages of Punjab with effect from 01st September 2017 for various categories of workers vide Press Release No.ST/24931 dated 11.10.2017.

Punjab Minimum Wages with effect from 01.09.2017
Category Of Employees Per Hour(Rs) Daily(Rs) Monthly(Rs)
Unskilled 36.7 293.6 7623.5
Semi Skilled 40.5 323.6 8403.5
Skilled 44.8 358.1 9300.1
Highly Skilled 49.8 397.8 10332.5
Staff Category – A 61.6 492.52 12793.5
Staff Category – B 53.6 428.32 11123.5
Staff Category – C 46.4 370.87 9623.5
Staff Category – D 40.6 324.42 8423.5


Objective of Minimum Wages Act

To provide for fixing the minimum rates of wages in certain employments.

The Act extends to the whole of India, requires the Central and State Govt. to fix minimum rates of wages in certain scheduled employment and minimum wages fixed REVISED from time to time

It provides for fixing minimum wages in certain employments where labour is ignorant or less organised and is vulnerable to exploitation.  Minimum wages are not to be fixed in respect of any industry in which there are less than 1,000 employees in the whole State.  (Under the 1957 amendment to the Act of 1948, this limiting condition has been substantially relaxed.)


The Act provides for the fixation of a minimum time rate, a minimum piece rate,a guaranteed time rate ,an overtime rate appropriate to different occupations and different classes of workers.


If an employee performs two or more classes of work, to each of which a different rate of wage is applicable, the employer is required to pay to such an employee in respect of the time respectively occupied in each such class of work, wages at not less than the minimum rate in force in respect of each such class.


Every employer is required to maintain registers and records giving particulars of employees, the work performed by them, the wages paid to them, the receipts given by them and any other required particulars.

Punjab-Minimum-Wages-Notification-Effective-1st-Sept-2017.pdf (1415 downloads)

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