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The number of Indian Nationals Working Abroad, Country-wise


The total foreign exchange remitted by them to the country during the last three years

number of Indian nationals working abroad, number of Indian nationals working abroad country-wise,total foreign exchange remitted by them to the country during the last three years

The number of Indian nationals working abroad, country-wise and the Government maintains the data in respect of Emigration Check Required (ECR) passport holding Indian workers, emigrating legally to any of the 18 ECR countries for overseas employment.

The total foreign exchange remitted by them to the country during the last three years, country and year-wise and as per the details provided by the Reserve Bank of India, year-wise inward remittances inflows to India from Indians working across the world are US $ Billion 70.40, 68.90 and 62.70 in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively. Country-wise details are not available.

Whether Indian nationals are ill-treated in several countries; (d) if so the details thereof; and Indian Missions/Posts in the Emigration Check Required (ECR) countries, from time to time, report about complaints received from Indian workers, regarding non-payment of salaries and denial of legitimate labour rights and benefits such as non-issuance/renewal of residence permits, non-payment/grant of overtime allowance, weekly holidays, longer working hours, refusal to grant exit/re–entry permits for visit to India, refusal to allow the worker on final exit visa after completion of their contracts and non-provision of medical and insurance facilities etc. Occasional incidents of confinement, abandoning of domestic sector workers by their sponsors have also been reported.

The step taken or proposed to be taken to ensure the safety of Indian working abroad and Immediately on receipt of such complaints, the same are addressed by the Indian Missions by taking them up with the concerned local government authorities for immediate resolution. The Government has taken several steps to safeguard the interests of Indian emigrants to the Gulf countries, these are:

(i) The on-line MADAD portal enables the emigrant workers and their family members to register their consular grievances online and track their redressal.

(ii) Grievances related to Overseas Employment in notified Emigration Check Required (ECR) countries including gulf countries, can also be logged in directly by emigrants/relatives or through the Overseas Workers Resource Centre (OWRC) on eMigrate portal. These grievances are settled by respective jurisdictional Protectors of Emigrants (PoEs) as per laid down procedures.

(iii) Missions in Gulf countries also conduct Open Houses on a regular basis where workers can seek redressal of their grievances.

(iv) A multi-lingual 24X7 Helpline of Overseas Workers Resource Centre (OWRC) in New Delhi provides information, guidance and grievance redressal on all issues and problems pertaining to overseas employment of Indian nationals.

(v) Missions in Gulf countries have also established 24×7 helplines and Toll Free help lines for the benefit of Indian workers to seek help.

(vi) An Indian Workers Resource Centre (IWRC) has been set up at Dubai (UAE) and four more IWRCs have been set up in Sharjah (UAE), Riyadh and Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), to provide guidance and counselling on all matters pertaining to overseas Indian workers.

(vii) Migrant Resource Centres have also been setup in Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Lucknow to assist emigrants or their relatives to redress their problems/complaints regarding overseas employment.

(viii) The Missions utilise the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) to provide assistance to overseas Indian nationals in times of distress.

(ix) Suitable accommodation to temporarily house distressed Indian nationals has been setup in Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Malaysia.

(x) Labour and Manpower Cooperation MoUs/Agreements are already in place with the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries that provide the institutional framework to comprehensively discuss and review labour related issues.



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