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Non-Responsiveness of EPFO PRO is a Serious Cause of Concern


Improving Responsiveness of PROs of the EPF Field Offices

Non-Responsiveness of EPFO PRO is a Serious Cause of Concern, Improving Responsiveness of PROs of the EPF Field Offices, redressal of public grievances

EPFO issued circular vide No. CSDIAG/201B/17693 dated 18.01.2018 regarding Improving Responsiveness of PROs of the EPF Field Offices and details as follows.

Timely and quality redressal of public grievances directing that all public grievances should be redressed riot only within 20 days but also the quality of redressal/disposal should be high and up to the satisfaction of the aggrieved parties, Hence, every sincere effort should be made to ensure that while reviewing the pendency and disposal of grievances in your Office feedback must be obtained from the aggrieved persons through suitable mechanism on the quality of disposal/satisfaction level and the same should be analysed regularly for ensuring further action and effecting systemic improvements.

PRO is often; first point of contact of organisation with stakeholders : it is imperative that PRO section is well organised with neat & clean ambience having adequate amenities for visitors, The PRO section should be equipped with manpower having adequate soft skills and knowledge to deal with public.

 It has generally been observed that non-responsiveness of PRO is a serious cause of concern and grievance among stakeholders across the country. As such it must be ensured that all visitors are attended in a courteous manner and there should be continuous availability of an official to attend phone calls properly. RPFC in-charge arid ACC (Zone) shall ensure proper functioning of PRO section. It would be appropriate and proper if head of field offices interact frequently with visitors at PRO section. ACC (Zone) may also conduct surprise visits to PRO sections of sub-ordinate field offices.

“Help Desk’ at the home page of the central EPFO website, along with toll free number 1800118005 will also display the telephone numbers of the PRO/general enquiry grievance redressal cell of field offices so that members can directly contact the concerned field office for redressal of their grievances.

Handling Telephone Calls : It must be ensured that calls made to PRO/ general enquiry/grievance redressal cell of office, do not go unanswered. If the existing strength of telephone lines of PRO are found Inadequate/ remain                busy      throughout         due        to            continuous         calls        by complainant/subscribers /members/pensioners, additional does/ phone numbers should be provided. Adequate skilled manpower should be deployed to man each such line at all times during office bourse

Responding to E-Mails: All the offices and officers are already equipped with e-mail facility with Internet Connections, Hence, all E-malls received in the offices either through E-mail Id of office or the officer concerned, should be replied promptly. Also, it must be ensured that proper details such as name, designation and contact no of the officer/official responding to e-mall are mentioned in the reply.

Source: EPFO

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