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Madhya Pradesh Revised Minimum Wages for the period 01.10.2018 to 31.03.2019


Madhya Pradesh Revised Minimum Wages with effect from 01.10.2018 to 31.03.2019

Madhya Pradesh Revised Minimum Wages for the period 01.10.2018 to 31.03.2019

As per labour department notification the Minimum Wages of Madhya Pradesh as revised with effect from 01st October 2018 to 31st March 2019 and details as follows.

Madhya Pradesh Minimum wages effective from 01 October 2018 to 31 March 2019
Category Basic Per Day Basic Per Month VDA Per Month Total Per Day Total Per Month
Unskilled 250.00 6,500 875 283.65 7,375
Semi-skilled 271.42 7,057 1175 316.62 8,232
Skilled 324.42 8,435 1175 369.62 9,610
Highly Skilled 374.42 9,735 1175 419.62 10,910

Basic wage is the wage rate which is WITHOUT any element of other allowances/perquisites (DA, HRA and any other allowances, etc.), while minimum wage includes all allowances also on the basic wage.

The yardsticks on which minimum wage is revised are:

(a) Three consumption units per earner,

(b) Minimum food requirement of 2700 calories per average Indian adult,

(c) Cloth requirement of 72 yards per annum per family,

(d) Rent corresponding to the minimum area provided under the Government’s Industrial Housing Scheme

(e) Fuel, lighting and other miscellaneous items of expenditure to constitute 20 % of the total Minimum Wages

(f) Children education, medical requirement, minimum recreation including festivals/ceremonies and provision for old age, marriage etc. should further constitute 25% of the total Minimum Wage.

Under this act the employer is required to pay to every employee, engaged in a scheduled employment under him, wages at a rate not less than the minimum rate of wages notified for that class of employees without any deduction except as may be authorised.

Every employer is required to maintain registers and records giving particulars of employees, the work performed by them, the wages paid to them, the receipts given by them and any other required particulars.

Note: Daily Wages Payable to an Employee shall be computed by dividing total monthly wages, by no. of 26 Days. (Total Wages i.e. Basic + Special Allowance, divide by 26 Days.)

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  Minimum-Wages-MP-from-01.10.2018.pdf (28 downloads)

Source: Govt of MP

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