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Functionality for rejecting erroneously processed inter-office transfer claims


Functionality for rejecting erroneously processed inter-office transfer claims re- processing the claim with correct details

Functionality for rejecting erroneously processed inter-office transfer claims

EPFO issued circular vide No. NDC/10(11)2017 /OTCP Date: 30-05-2018 regarding Functionality for rejecting erroneously processed inter-office transfer claims – Transfer without actual transfer of money {Cashless transfer cases) – and re- processing the claim with correct details and details as follows

With Reference to the EPFO Head Office circular No. Finance/Misc/2017 /9798 dated 25/08/2017 and Field offices have been asking for a functionality for rejecting erroneously received Inter-office transfer claims (transferred without actual transfer of money) i.e., which are processed with errors like wrong member ID or transferred to RPFC of Region instead of a trust etc. by the Transfer-Out Office. Accordingly, a functionality for rejecting such erroneous transfer claims has been provided in the new version of application software version 6.32 released today (30/05/2018). It is to be noted that the functionality is applicable only for Inter-office transfer-in cases without actual transfer of money implemented in September 2017 based on Head Office circular referred above.

  1. With reference to the functionality, the following instructions are issued:

Process at the transfer-In office:

  1. a) The rejection will be initiated by the Transfer-In Office based on a specific request from the Transfer-Out office or a grievance from a member or a mail etc. all which are to be counter signed by the APFC (Accounts) of the Group concerned. The request should invariably mention the specific claim ID which is to be rejected as the search criteria is based on Claim ID only.
  2. b) It has also been decided that the rejection of such transfer claims will be handled by a responsible single user in respect of the whole office and being a single level function, the role may be preferably assigned to an officer at the level of Accounts Officer (AO). He will operate the application software as per SOP attached to this circular.
  3. c) In order to achieve that a new role viz., “AO TRANS In REJ” has been created in the application software exclusively for this functionality. This role has to be assigned to the identified AO, preferably handling Accounts Group, through an Office Order.
  4. d) This AO will continue to report to the APFC concerned. However, complete record of rejection requests received, action taken, pending cases should be maintained in physical form and a register for the same may be maintained .

Whenever any change in the assignment happens, a proper handing over and taking over has to be done to maintain continuity and record . It is also directed that this activity is to be included in the review meetings and ideally there should not be any erroneous transfer done by the Transfer-Out office.

Process at the transfer-Out office:

  1. a) The Accounts Group concerned of the Transfer-Out office will also maintain a record of the rejection request sent, the rejection letter downloaded and printed from the application software by the AO with the specified role (AO TRANS In REJ) . The printed rejection letter needs to be countersigned by the APFC (Accounts) of the Group concerned .
  2. b) The signed rejection letter will form the basis for initiating re-credit to member account by the dealing assistant using the existing facilities in the application software.
  3. c) On approval of re-credit by APFC (Accounts), the claims needs to be reprocessed with correct details by the DA (Accounts) concerned.

OIC’s should look out for DA/SS concerned who are frequently committing mistakes while settling inter-office transfer-out claims as the same comes under dereliction of duties and also creating unnecessary grievance and loss of man hours in rectifying the situation.

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Functionality-for-rejecting-erroneously-processed-inter-office-transfer-claims.pdf (50 downloads)

Source: EPFO

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