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EPFO : Submission of Jeevan Pramaan digitally by pension Disbursing Banks


Payment of service charge to Pension disbursing banks

EPFO issued circular vide No: Pension-Pen-1/17(10)2016-17 /Jeevan Pramaan/12877 dated 09th November 2017 regarding Submission of Jeevan Pramaan digitally by pension Disbursing Banks.

1.Please refer to Head office communication no. Pens.14/Bkg.Arg./Ser.Chg.Dish. Ag./2005/17046 dated 16-07-2015 regarding payment of service charge to pension disbursing banks.

2.Detailed instructions have been issued through the above communication dated 16-07-2015 on the duties and responsibilities of EPFO and pension disbursing banks on disbursement of pension, collection of Life Certificate/Non Re-marriage Certificate (LC/NRMCs), release of service charges to the disbursing banks etc.

3.As per the instructions laid down in the referred communication the onus for collecting and forwarding LC/NMRCs in respect of pensioners under EPS- 1995 lies on the pension disbursement banks as per the banking arrangements for pension disbursement.

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4.It is also mentioned clearly that the bank service charges should be paid in the month of January every year and that too for pensioners whose Life Certificates have been received from the banks.

5.From the year 2016 the Life Certificates are being obtained from the pensioners digitally as Jeevan Pramaan in place of the Life Certificate in paper form being submitted by the pensioners to the bankers earlier.

6.As such the pension disbursing banks are required to obtain Jeevan Pramaan digitally and report the details of Jeevan Pramaan collected by each pension disbursing bank to the respective EPF office.

7.Since, the payment of service charge to the banks include the job of collection of LC/NRMCs from the pensioners and forwarding the same to the concerned office of the EPFO, the responsibility of collection of Life Certificate still lies with the pension disbursing banks. Only the mode of collection and submission of Life Certificate has changed from paper form to digital Jeevan Pramaan.

8.Therefore, you are requested to take up the matter with the respective pension disbursing banks and to ensure submission of Jeevan Pramaan digitally through the pension disbursing banks by making mobile based Jeevan Pramaan facilities available at the banks immediately. You are also requested to confirm that the instructions contained in the referred communication dated 16-07-2015 are strictly followed.


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