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EPFO – Facilitating Aadhaar number seeding in UAN


Facilitating Aadhaar number seeding in UAN in EPFO website

EPFO issued circular vide No. C-III/1/2018/Cir/KYC/1228 dated 29.11.2018 regarding Facilitating Aadhaar number seeding in UAN and details as follows.
1. You are aware that EPFO has made available a number of online services through EPFO web platform and the mobile platform of UMANG. A number of EPFO members want to avail these online services by providing their Aadhaar number.
2. UIDAI has clarified that EPFO may continue to avail Aadhaar based authentication services for the schemes for which notification under Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 has been issued and duly published in the Official Gazette. A notification has already been issued vide SO No.26E dated 4.1.2017 and circulated vide office order No.Pension-I/17(1)/2016-17/Jeevan Praman/17197 dated 9.1.2017.
3. In order to facilitate the members to avail effective and efficient online service delivery by EPFO, the field offices are advised to take up following actions immediately:
i. All Regional Offices and District Offices must ensure a facilitation centre in the office premises to enable the members for updating their Aadhaar details or enrolling for Aadhaar. The services of vendors approved by UIDAI may be used for this purpose. Such services are available in Banks too and similar arrangements may be made by EPF field Offices.
ii. Many members visit EPF Offices with Offline claims along with proof of Aadhaar KYC. In such cases the PRO/facilitation centre should facilitate on the spot Aadhaar seeding facility and help the members to use online claim services.
iii. Camps in major establishments and industrial clusters be organized by Regional Offices as well as by District Offices to facilitate Aadhaar seeding by members.
iv. The members are also facing difficulty in using online services inspite of seeding
KYC due to mismatch between the details like name and date of birth. It should be ensured that request for change in members’ details are attended on priority and changes should be effected preferably on the same day or maximum within three days.
v. Many employers, inspite of Aadhaar seeded UAN by the member, submit physical claims in bulk which unnecessarily increases the workload at the field offices and delays the claim settlement. Claims by such employers may not be accepted and the employers be advised to use online claim services platform.
vi. All online claims should be settled preferably on the same day or maximum within three days so that the benefit of KYC seeded services is provided to the members in real sense.
vii. Wherever a member files both online as well as offline claim, only the online
claim should be settled.
viii. In case additional data entry operators are required, the offices may engage the same as per requirement but not exceeding five DEOs with approval Zonal ACCs. For additional requirement matter may be referred to ACC(HRD) Head Office.
ix. Regional Offices and District Offices should also conduct awareness programmes in establishments for creating awareness among members about benefits of online services enabled through Aadhaar seeded UAN.

Source: EPFO

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