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Chandigarh Minimum Wages from 1.10.2017 to 31.03.2018


Minimum wages payable for the Chandigarh employees from 1.10.2017 to 31.03.2018

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The half yearly Cost of Living Index Numbers of Chandigarh Centre (Base 2001 = 100) for industrial workers, issued by Labour Bureau, Shimla for the months of April, 2017, to September, 2017 are 1446.50, 1446.50, 1435.98, 1467.54, 1493.84 and 1493.84 respectively. Thus the average (calculated for six months) cost of living index numbers as on 30.09.2017 is 1464. The previous average cost of living index numbers was 1432 points for the quarter ending 31.03.2017. Therefore, increase in average cost of living index number is 32 points. The per point neutralization in minimum rates of wages for monthly rated employees under the Minimum Wages Act is Rs. 7/-. Thus minimum rates of wages for each category of employees have been increased by Rs. 224/- p.m. on the increase of 32 points.

The following are the minimum rates of wages payable for monthly and daily rated employees for the period starting from 01.10.2017 to 31.03.2018 (both days inclusive).

Chandigarh Minimum Wages with Effect from 01.10.2017 to 31.03.2018
Category Old Rate 01.04.2017 to 30.09.2017 New Rate 01.10.2017 to 31.03.2019
Monthly Daily Monthly Daily
Un-skilled 8871 341 9095 350
Semi-Skilled-II 9021 347 9245 356
Semi-Skilled-I 9121 351 9345 359
Skilled-II 9321 359 9545 367
Skilled-I 9546 367 9770 376
Highly Skilled 9946 383 10,170 391
Class III (Staff) 9146 352 9370 360
Class II (Staff) 9296 358 9520 366
Class I (Staff) 9656 371 9880 380

Notes: –

(1) The points for the months from April, 2017 to September, 2017, Base Year 2001=100 are 275, 275, 273, 279, 284 and 284 which have been calculated by the linking factor at 5.26 with regard to Chandigarh Centre as desired by the Director, Labour Bureau, Shimla vide their letter dated 09.03.2006 for compliance.

(2) The categories of employees as per notification dated 25.11.2010 are given below:

(3) (i) The change due to rise or fall in the Cost of Living Index Number will be adjusted in the ratio of 07:01 i.e. 07 parts in cash and 1 part for two meals and two Tea.

(ii) Where an employer provides living accommodation to an employee then he may charge maximum of Rs.50 p.m. from the wage of an employee.

  1. Unskilled: -means an employee engaged to do manual work by any part of his body like lifting, pushing, pulling, shifting of loads or digging, excavating, removing of earth, water etc. or who assist another employee in a schedule employment or who does any work of cleaning, sweeping, gardening or mali,guarding, washing, packing, wrapping, filling, washing etc. or who works as a waterman, masalchi, gateman, peon, kneedar, watchman, chowkidar, rickshaw puller, rehri wala, beldar, mazdoor, khalasi, poster paster, boardboy, oilman, as an aya or as cleaner on a vehicle or polisher on a vehicle etc. or any other person who does similar nature of jobs.
  2. Semi-Skilled-II: means an employee who has not passed his intermediate or equivalent examination and have learnt by experience to work on a machine and operate or work on such machine or who has acquired some skill in any technical/professional trades and work on a machine or on the job of that trade or profession or who without having any special training from any Govt.recognized institution or school or board works as a plumber, rein forcer,spinner, stitcher, tailor, embroider, barber, mochi, pump attendant, mixerman,deffedar, mate,tarcol / paint sprayer or other sprayer or bazri spreader, quarry operator, jamperman, hammer man, sole cutter, upper-fitter, backer, securer,stiffer, skiver, heel builder, boatman, floor polisher, mistry, whitewasher,carpenter, distemperer, air conditioner operator or its repairer, moulder,compositor, rangaiwala, Roller man, saw man, plainer man cutterman,soaker,hanger man, drillman, leach houseman, lime yardman, drum man, tanyardman, book binder, wireman, buffer, grusher, waiter, , deliveryman, khataiwala, achaar/muraba maker, weighing man, lineman, bill collector, assistant cook, painteryman, stock boy, canvasser, glassfitter,cyclefitter or repairer,furniture polisher, type repairer, kantiwala, lohar, toka man, planer, light vehicle driver or a chauffeur, conductor or who works as a welder, sheet metal worker ,fitter, turner, machine man, grinder man or as machinist grinder radio/TV wireless repairer, blacksmith, motor mechanic, diesel engine operator or other machines operator, diesel mechanic, meter reader etc. or any other person who does any work similar to any of the above.
  3. Semi-Skilled-I :-means an employee who has passed his intermediate or equivalent examination and have learnt by experience to work on a machine and operate such machine or who worked at least for five years on any of the work/job falling under the semi-skilled-II category or who is a driver of medium/heavy/special vehicle or who is a head mate, massion, glass cutter, bakery mistry, halwai, rafugar, dry cleaner, pressman, steward, head bearer, head waiter, film repairer, guide, cook, tandooriya, coffee-man, photographer, video camera operator, dispenser, analyst, checker, computer operator, Inspector, weaver, shaver, electroplater, glassblower, decorator, scudder, dyer,flesher, finisher, setter, splitter, laboratory assistant chemist, attendant, die maker, refrigerator mechanic, ginisher, luster, candle man, spinning master,printing master, screening master, artist etc. or who does any work similar to any of the above.

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