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About us

Welcome to labourlawnews.com!

Labourlawnews was established in 2017 with a mission to provide professional information under www.labourlawnews.com  by a group of experts with the motive of giving spot on updates every minute for employees working in government and private sector, employers, HR professionals and other interested parties on the labour laws and the changes that are being done from time to time.

Our web site gives you an insight into various aspects of Labour Law News, Acts and Notifications and other HR related templates inthe form of various presentation methods like pdf, Word & Excel and various types of calculators with regards to labour laws.

What we do?

Our main objective is to give the readers an accurate information regarding the latest happenings in the labour circle and the impacts of the changes that is being done so that they are aware of the current work scenarios. Apart from this we also give our readers an insight on the day to day happenings that occurs around the globe. We put great emphasis in making the information reach fast to our readers so that they are aware of the latest happenings on time and make use of the same for their businesses, Professional growth and have an edge over others in terms of knowledge.