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7th Pay commission: Rajasthan – How to calculate pay for Medical Officers


How to calculate Revised Seventh Pay for Medical Officers

In the case of medical officers for whom the Non practicing allowance (NPA) is applicable the pay in the revised pay structure shall be fixed in the following manner as per the GO dated 30.10.2017

The existing basic pay shall be multiplied by a factor of 2.57 and the figure so arrived shall be added to by an amount equivalent to dearness allowance on the pre-revised Non – practicing allowance admissible as on 1st January 2016. The figure so arrived at will be located in that level in the pay matrix and if such an identical figure is corresponding to any cell in the applicable level of the pay matrix, the shall be the pay and if no such cell is available in the applicable level, the pay shall be fixed at the immediate next higher cell in that applicable level of the pay matrix.

The pay so fixed under sub clause (i) shall be added by the pre-revised non practicing allowance admissible on the existing basic pay.

For example let us consider Mr.X pay structure as below:

Existing Running Pay band – PB-3

Existing Grade Pay – 5400 (grade pay no: 15)

Existing pay in running pay band – 15600

Total existing Basic Pay – 21000

25% NPA on Basic pay – 5250

DA on NPA @ 125% – 6563

Pay after multiplying total basic pay by factor of 2.57 – 53970

DA on NPA – 6563 (25% on 5250)

Revised Pay as per 7th CPC – 60533 rounded off to 60540 (53970 + 6563)

Level corresponding to Grade pay 5400 (PB – 3) is Level 14

Revised pay in pay matrix (either equal to or next higher to 60540 in level 14) is 61300

Pre revised Non practicing allowance – 5250

Revised 7th CPC pay + Non – Practicing Allowance = 61300 + 5250 = 66550

From the above illustration it is clear that Mr.X will be receiving a revised pay of RS.66550 as per the 7th CPC.


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