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7th Pay Commission Mizoram: Decided to Implement Soon


Seventh Pay Committee Recommendations to be Implemented by the Government of Mizoram

The Mizoram government has decided to form a committee soon to study the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.
The decision of the government came even after it agreed in principle to implement it in the State.
This effect of 7th Pay implementation will cover the 42,457 regular state government employees with additional allocation of Rs 563 crore annually required for the 7th Pay Commission recommendations implementation as per statement of State finance department officials.
The National Anomaly Committee (NAC) to decide on the further increase of the Central government employees’ basic pay against the recommended hike in pay under the Seventh Pay Commission.
The NAC to take the final call on the basic pay fixation but it the meeting was postponed. However, they will meet later and may recommend increasing the basic pay by passing the demand of the employees with a majority.
As per Chief Secretary Lalmalsawma statement , 36-37 per cent of the total state annual budget is used for paying off the salaries of the state government employees.
The expenditure on salaries did not include the salaries of employees of Lai, Mara and Chakma autonomous district councils, teachers working in deficit schools and contract and muster roll workers, Lalmalsawma said.

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